My photographs are a part of who I am.

They are carefully crafted with the intention of stirring an emotion of some sort…

joy, hope, inspiration, appreciation, comfort and especially love…

My hope is, when you see my photos or greeting cards you will think,

“where can I hang this in my home,  or whose face can I put a smile on by sending this card?”

It warms my heart to know one of my photographs or cards has touched someone enough to want it for their own.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments. 

Carol's love of life shows in the magic of her work. She considers herself an eclectic photographer. She sees God's beauty everywhere and captures all she can. Her life long passion for photography combined with her computer skills has made her an award winning photographic designer.

Carol's talent goes beyond F-stops and shutter speeds when she is creating the final outcome of her photographs. Her creations come from her heart.

Sometimes she will just take a photograph and play with it until she comes up with a unique picture. Carol can add creative touches to photographs to make them appear like fine art. She can take a pile of pictures and create a unique collage of treasured moments. She also does some retouching and manipulating of the photos to bring back the memories.

She loves capturing God's beauty in the face of a child. Her favorite models being her four beautiful grandchildren and grand nieces and nephew.

Carol is a native of Connecticut, born and raised in Ridgefield; she now lives in Bethel with her husband and son. In addition to being a photographic designer, wife, mother and grandmother, she is an executive assistant and staff photographer for a relocation company in Connecticut. She is a member of the Candlewood Camera Club and is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.

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